Arianna De Nicola

Arianna De Nicola was born in Rome in 1986, where she currently lives and works.
She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and the UMH - Universidad de Bellas Artes Miguel Hernández in Alicante. In Spain she spent about ten years.
Her research focuses on the analysis of the limit and its ability to arouse a desire to overcome that border and, at the same time, a sense of uncertainty, due to the imminent possibility of failure, referring to the desire and impulse of human beings. Her interest is also turned to the creative possibilities of the limit in relation to movement.
The survey arises from the need to overcome the mental barriers that the social context transmits. At the same time, there is an attempt to reveal instinct, exploring issues such as instability and the change of both being and matter. Monochromatism and the absence of color prevail in her work, revealing a material minimalism. The artist moves between performative actions, installation, sculpture, drawing and painting.
In 2017 she participated in the BoCs Art artistic residency in Cosenza, with the site-specific installation Tutto non ha un limite curated by Alberto Dambruoso's I Martedì critici and with Annalisa Ferraro.
In 2019 she created the site-specific installation Muta at MACRO Asilo, in Rome.
In 2020 the collaboration with the Galerie Anton Janizewski in Berlin begins.
Solo exhibitions (selection): Fermo | Mobile, Fourteen ArTellaro, Tellaro (SP), 2019; Il suono del limite, Civico 16, Pescara, 2019; Overcoming, Centro 14, Alicante (Spain), 2019; Il giardino che non c’è, Aratro Galleria Gino Marotta, UNIMOL Università del Molise, Campobasso, 2018; Deep, Fundaciòn Frax, Alfàs del Pi, Alicante, 2017; I-foot, Spazio Zip, Frascati, 2009.
Group exhibitions (selection): Learn to fly, Moma/Museo abitabile, Rome, 2020; Tempo Fermo I/II, Civico 16, Pescara, 2020; Arte 14, Centro 14, Alicante, 2019; Roma Sogna, Foyer Teatro India, Rome, 2018; Ieri - Oggi - Domani, Scuderie Aldobrandini, Frascati, 2018; Festival InterB, Altea, Alicante, 2018; Mini, Centro de Cultura Contemporànea Las Cigarreras, Alicante, 2018; Centre Cultural Vicente Poveda, Petrer, Alicante, 2018; XXIX Certamen de Minicuadros, Museo del Calzado, Elda, Alicante, 2018; Los artistas vuelven a clase, Centro14, Alicante, 2018; No Place 4, Ex Ceramica Vaccari, Santo Stefano di Magra (SP), 2018; Casa Cultura, Altea, Alicante, 2017; Bestiario, Base Galerìa, Altea, Alicante, 2017.