collateral space

a cura di Arianna Sera (Nomas Foundation)

Of Latin origin, the architectural space collateralis runs parallel to the central nave offering it breath and continuity, making the basilica system stable and extensive.

Metaphor of this image, Rome contains, supports and promotes a social network of economic relations and cultural exchanges suspended between the City, the metropolitan area and border territories.

Mobilizing the sociocultural identity of this network with changing and open boundaries, collateral space provides for the selection of ten artists who work between Rome and the surrounding areas, allowing roma città aperta to include artistic realities located beyond the urban space of the capital.

Their artistic practice becomes the subject of analysis through a documentary investigation of the laboratories within which it comes to life. The aim is to draw an artistic network outside the GRA ring road and with specific characteristics. In these terms, artist studios meet the basic requirements for the development of the project:

  • Presence of the studio within the metropolitan area of Rome;
  • Personal workshop and/or shared with other artists;
  • Motivation behind the choice of the studio in the province.

The artists’ research is documented in short videos visible on the platforms of Nomas Foundation and roma città aperta, with the aim of enhancing the territory and artists’ poetic within it.

Collateral space invites you to discover small villages and large cities in the Lazio hinterland and Roman coast that host workshops and artist spaces, often unknown places and ateliers where art and culture dialogue with contemporaneity starting from heritage, tradition, history and landscape.