multicultural dialogues

a cura di Federica Antonucci (Tools for Culture), Michele Trimarchi (Tools for Culture)

Rome has always been considered a powerful creative hub, attracting flows of artists, thinkers and scholars for a fertile network of cultural exchanges and critical synergies. Artists have adopted Rome as their residence in order for their views and intuitions to be inspired and driven by the intensive history, the multiple glossaries, and the intriguing colours offered by a unique place, whose most evident features are the relaxed rhythm of time, and the indefinitely wide scope of the urban fabric.

The creative map of Rome combines site-specific artists and creative ‘explorers’ coming from other parts of the world, who establish an intensive network of connections with the resident community, its cultural system, social practices and individual horizons, fertilizing the art eco-system and crafting artworks in ateliers whose action is generated by the combination of different cultures, and exerts a powerful impact upon cultural integration and social inclusion. In such a way the arts prove a driver for Roman cosmopolitan strength.

The project aims at exploring, experiencing and extracting the value chain that emerges from the active presence of non-indigenous artists in the Roman creative system, analysing their impact upon the relationship between old and new residents, and among the cultural communities living in Rome.

The grafting of specific know-hows in the local roots, the dialogues among cultures, the creation of versatile creative languages will be technically and critically examined, and their impact upon metropolitan life will be evaluated